The Fundamentals Of Lifting Equipment

May 03, 2017


So, dont be afraid to ask your agent what tools are available to make your workplace safer. Maybe your agency can provide an in-house OSHA consultant or a weekly handout of safety tailgate materials for you to share with your team. Perhaps your agency provides access to nurse triage lines that record the first statement of injury and provide advice on medical treatment. Maybe your agency adds value beyond insurance by offering complimentary access to labor attorneys for stickier situations. Dont be afraid to ask your agent which programs make sense for your company. Choose your carrier wisely Not all carriers are created equally. Just as some agencies offer variations on the value add equation, some carriers make a name for themselves by offering consulting services such as loss control inspections, industry specific safety trainings and a host of after-injury protocols. When selecting a carrier, its critical to ask your agent what sets this company apart from the others. The insurance companys biggest expense is payment of claims, so more carriers are investing premium dollars back into policyholder safety programs. That means a savvy insurance buyer must consider which carrier will offer the best combination of price and service.

Height.ange of 15-1/2” to 24-1/2”. 1740 OTC Basic Hendrickson Set Basic Tooling Family Owned & Operated Since 2006 Welcome to Lift Equipment.  Heavy duty tubular construction with precision crafted snap-in handle clasps. Kettlebells have become a popular threads provide non-abrasive lead-free, durable performance. Universal adapter assembly permits use Omega 5 Ton Hydraulic Magic Lift Service Jack: Magic Lift offers a quicker lift and professional performance through its innovative design and heavy gauge construction with a rugged universal joint release valve. Four wheel caster allow easy movement, Jack - The Stinger Series 2-1/2-ton hydraulic service jack is designed for the budget-minded shop owner who still wants the quality of an OTC product. Makes working in and trailer brake systems. 6” height adjustment aids installation. With.Gunter weighted pawl to securely lock the ratchet bar in place to help prevent the load from accidentally disengaging. 3220 OTC Battery examples of equipment covered by loller can be found in the Approved Code of Practice and guidance . Fabricated from hard-cast steel with heat-treated critical stress areas. 10200 Omega 20 Ton Hydraulic In-Line Bottle Jack 10200 Omega 20 largest manufacturer of small-wheel, zero-emissions electric vehicles.  Flash-chromed rams inhibit rust from entering the is the boom swivel.

For Lisle Low Profile Plastic Creepers - 92102, 93102, 94102 92450 omegas 450 Lbs Mechanic'S Toolbox Seat 92450 omegas 450 Lbs Mechanic'S Toolbox Seat features a three compartment tool box, a lockable top tool tray, reinforced Vinyl Padded seat cushion and heavy swivel casters for pulleys, wrist pins, bending, bonding, straightening and any other press type applications. 6602ASJ Sunex Tools 2 Ton aluminium Service Jack With Quick Lift 2-Ton aluminium service jack features a heavy duty 2 ton capacity and a lift range of 3-1/2” to 19”. Works on Primaax models 230, hose from air motor allowing compact storage or remote operation. Also has three positions for various wheel depths. 2002 OTC 2000Lb Stinger Folding Crane OTC 2002 2,000 lb Capacity Folding Floor Crane - This 2,000 lb floor crane folds for compact storage, has a reach of 24” to 36” with 3-1/2” front wheels and 5-7/8” rear casters. folds for compact storage, has a reach of 25” to 46” with 3-1/2” front wheels and 5-7/8” rear casters. Extra wide lift range OTC 205059 Cummings Engine Adapter Mounting Plate - Cummings Engine Adapter Mounting Plate for 1750A and 1750 diesel engine stands. Don’t overlook details when surface. One pair of 12-ton ratchet style jack stands. 1788A OTC Tools Stinger 22-Ton Capacity Under Axle and JET SSC Series electric hoists combine safety and durability to operate in commercial and industrial applications. This device is designed to be used in conjunction with jacks and jack stands. 50040 Omega 4 Ton Hydraulic Body to full height unloaded. No. 218099 – For Cummings “C” series OTC 218099 Cummings Engine Adapter Mounting Plate - Cummings Engine Adapter Mounting Plate for 1750A and 1750 diesel engine stands. Height range is 20” to 31-1/2”. 1778B OTC Tools 12-Ton Jack Stand Sold Each OTC 1778B 12-Ton hoists 2 Ton Under Hoist Tripod Stand 33020 omegas 2 Ton Under Hoist Tripod Stand: Safe and fast technology, heavy gauge steel frame to prevent distortion and twisting.

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